Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4

Horwitz's Civil War travels continued Taking him on a "wargasm" with Rob Hodge, an intense three day trip seeing as many sights in the eastern front as they could. This reading found Horwitz changing sides and wearing union blues. The two went from Manassas to Appomattox and finally to the burial place of Jackson and Lee. On there trip they camped at battle sites and wore the military clothes, at one point trying to eat rancid pork belly, making battle field visits "Hardcore". They also participate in a Pickets's charge at  Gettysburg, History channel reenactment.
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The Ken Burns video showed me that he doesn't lack for self confidence or pride in his work. Some say it is the best work in the filed of documentaries while others disdain Burns work. I really can't say if it is good or bad because I have not seen it.

Of the websites/mobile apps i liked Spokane and  new Orleans better then Cleveland's  but new Orleans seemed rather sparse on how many more stops they could have with its deep history. I did however like the Historical YouTube channel for Cleveland I thought that was a great idea. 


  1. I really liked the Spokane Historical website because of the fact that I live here. I liked the little audio that comes with the stories and places. You could spend hours on that thing.

  2. The websites were very cool, giving tons of information and stories about the cities. The Cleveland YouTube channel was pretty neat and a great idea for people who would rather watch a video on something historic than read about it.